Cervello Consultants is always looking for talented individuals who would like to join our team.

Our current vacancies are:

Data Security Architect
This person will be able to respond to a client as part of an internal data security audit, an extenal data security audit, data breach or pro-active need to secure data. This person will also be able to specify a strategy to secure a clients data using a risk based approach. This should focus on a data security strategy for the client, policy and rule deployment recommendations, high level design of ongoing audit solution, specify internal solutions using features of the database and have knowldege of the data and database security product marketplace.

Experience of aligning SOX, PCI, ISO 2700/1 and other regulatory data protection requirements to either a data audit, vulnerability or activity monitoring solution are desirable, along with proven experience of working with previous clients on high level data and database security environments.

Project Manager
This person will be able to take output from the Data Security Architect to plan and manage a data security project. Ideally this person will be Prince2 qualified and should also have knowledge and experience of previous data security managed projects. This person will manage current Cervello Consultants staff plus specify and help locate additional staff for a project; this could include internal staff from a client as part of a project or exisiting Cervello Consultants staff.

Data Security Specialist
This person will ideally be suited to detailed design, specification or rules and policies for vulnerability scanning and activity monitoring ie IDS/DAM/IPS/Audit etc. This person will have detailed knowledge and experience of previous data and database security projects. This person will ideally be comfortable conducting an audit, or designing and implementing a data security solution on behalf of a client, plus discussing a solution/strategy approach with a client.

Data Security Implementation
This person will be a DBA or developer who will take a specified data and/or database security solution(s) around core data and database features which requires implementation in the clients systems as part of audit, including reporting controls

The list of requirements and skills detailed for each role above is an “ideal” set. Consideration will be given to candidates who meet most of the requirements but not all of the above.

Each candidate should be able to work independently and confidently at all stages of the job description specified. Each candidate should also be a good communicator and listener, and be well versed in data security in the context of an enterprise class data and database environment.

The following additional skills are also required to fulfil the jobs specified:

  • Security policy and implementation
  • SQL
  • PL/SQL
  • Unix Shell scripting
  • Previous experience implementing software solutions
  • Good knowledge of the Oracle database as a DBA
  • Unix administration
  • Database administration
  • Scripting programming languages, for example Perl
  • Data reconciliation
  • Windows skills, MS Office, Crystal Reports etc
  • Logical problem solving skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Team player
  • Ability to work without constant direction


Send your CV to Lindsay Hamilton (CEO, Cervello Consultants)

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