Cervello Consultants is an independent database security monitoring company

We put reporting controls in place for board directors and senior management to alert on potentially fraudulent or malicious activity taking place, or security vulnerabilities being created, on their key, sensitive data to save the reputational damage of a data breach.


Reputational damage of a data breach is the biggest threat facing Board Directors today. It has driven the need for independent verification of the security position of their data whether it is held internally within the organisation or externally in the Cloud.

Well publicised data breach stories have further brought the issue of Corporate Governance responsibility to data security to the attention of shareholders, the market and clients themselves.

Cervello Consultants provides independent verification and reporting of the security position of an organisations data to enable Board Directors and Senior Management to prevent a breach happening.


Cervello benefits?

We are independent – We have no hidden agenda. We just provide independent expertise and advice on the security position of your data, how to structure your data to a secure position should it require it and then advise how to monitor against the secure baseline to alert and report on potential threats and risks to your data thereafter.

We are technology agnostic – We have no allegiance to any security hardware supplier or software vendor. We take no commissions, introduction fees or cuts of license / consulting revenues.

We have proven data security processes – We share information and white papers with you on the experience we have in data security.

We provide forensic audit trails – We give you the ability to look back on potentially anomalous activity on your data which may have not looked suspicious at the time but which you can retrospectively check for evidence of suspicious actions.

We provide cost savings – We show savings over existing manual audit processes and operate fixed price projects. No additional costs outside project scoped.


Database Activity Monitoring

  • recording and notification of illicit changes made to key, sensitive data
  • details of who has accessed or viewed data against company or regulatory policy
  • previously unseen evidence of the actions of Privileged Users within an organisation

Database Vulnerability & Configuration Management

  • immediate alerting of risk positions being created or exploited on the security structure of data
  • continuous comparison of security positions against best data protection practices
  • proactive review of user entitlements to data

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